Review: Ballet Bunnies, The New Class

“Sharing a cotton candy with other is more fun than getting sticky legs and whiskers all by yourself.”


Author: Swapna Reddy
Publisher: Random House Books For Young Readers

‘Miss Luisa’s School of Dance is a magical place.
There are dancers and music… and bunnies that talk and do ballet! No one knows the bunnies are there. Then, Millie arrives. She’s new to ballet class and doesn’t know all the moves. But when all the other dancers are gone, she discovers the Ballet Bunnies! They can help Millie find her dancing feet – so long as she can keep the Ballet Bunnies a secret!’

When I saw this book, I was immediately in love with the cover. All the pinks and the bunnies are so cute! This is a really girly book if you ask me!

When I started reading I really liked that they already introduced all the different Ballet Bunnies. It’s more fun to see them in the book for the first time when you already know them.
Other than that I also really liked the drawing style of the illustrator Binny Talib. The colors inside the book are just as the outside, very girly with all the pinks and purples.
This is clearly a book for some older children because of the font and the fact that there are also some blank pages without many illustrations. Ballet Bunnies is for kids starting at age 7 and I really know that 7 year old girls will be in love with this series.


The story is very realistic, the message behind the story is beautiful and shows that you’re never really alone. There will always be friends to help you, wether it will be bunnies or real friends.
It also shows the struggle of being ‘the new kid’ but that if you want something you can get it if you work really hard!
The story also has some underlaying subjects that are important to teach kids. Subjects like insecurity, self confidence, courage and friendship but also bullying and feeling alone.

I really liked Ballet Bunnies: The New Class. I give it 5/5!

Thanks publisher Baeckens Books for the review copy! 

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